1 lbs Redmond Real Salt (Sea Salt)

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Redmond Real Salt is a dry sea salt mined in Utah. It has a broad spectrum of minerals to increase nutrition in your ferment. Dissolves easily with stirring in warm water to form brine.


  • Grain size:¬†Ancient fine-grain; good for all types of ferments and everyday use
  • Unrefined: No heat treatment; no anti-caking agents; no fillers
  • Minerals: Broad spectrum of natural minerals and trace minerals from ancient sea beds
  • Low carbon footprint: Harvested from salt deposits from Central Utah, USA. Not shipped from the Himalayas.

NOTE: Specs of reddish/pink are from natural rock deposits. These do not affect the fermentation process, nor are these specs harmful to health.



Weight: 1 lbs (454 grams)

Component Details

Harvested in central Utah, USA.


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