3-Piece Airlock

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Watch the visual passage of pressure through the airlock without air (oxygen) entering your fermentation vessel. The 3-piece airlock accommodates carbon dioxide from even the most active ferments, allowing it to dissolve through water and pass to the outside air without air from outside the jar going in. The airlock adds roughly 4.25 ” (11 cm) to the height of a jar.


Barrel style airlock includes an outer barrel, inner plastic dome, and perforated lid. Fill water to fill-line, about 1 1/2 tablespoons, of water. Use filtered or distilled water, not well water or chlorinated water. Insert through the grommet, then attach lid to jar and clamp shut. Top up with water if water level falls below the fill-line, such as when the ferment goes into cold storage.

Appropriate for all jars.  Required for room-temperature phase of all jars except 1/2 L jars. May be swapped for a mini airlock to save vertical height when transitioning to cold storage. Hand wash.

Allows a visual passage of gas pressure to escape but allows no air to enter.

Additional information

Weight 0.118 kg
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 11 cm


Airlock height: 4.25″ (11 cm)

Component Details

3-Piece Airlock: crystal styrene for cylindrical body and low density polypropylene for cap, made in Canada.


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