Glass Weight

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Use the glass weight in Airlock Fermenters to submerge your ferments under brine. Ideal for sauerkraut and kimchi and vegetables that bob above the surface such as pearl onions, hot pepper rounds, cauliflower or broccoli florets, and cranberries. Not needed for asparagus, cucumbers, or other vegetables that can be packed snugly and held below the brine. Not needed for fermented drinks, batters, or grains.

Ferments made in 2 L, 3 L, and 5 L jars may need more than one glass weight.


  • Handmade: Your purchase of this item goes to support Urban Carrot in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Food Grade: Rest at ease knowing this is food grade and non-toxic.
  • Durable: The glass is heat tempered to improve durability to pressure and temperature.
  • Care instructions: Do not put in cold water when glass is hot or vice-versa.

Additional information

Weight 0.174 kg
Dimensions 8.42 × 8.42 × 8.42 cm


  • Glass disc diameter: approximately 3″ (7.6 cm) – slight variability between discs. Fits in all Airlock Fermenters.
  • Glass disc weight: approximately 140 grams

Component Details

  • Glass weight: lead-free, clear soda-lime glass disc handmade locally, in Edmonton, Alberta


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