“Introduction to Vegetable Fermentation” Manual

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Want to learn the why’s and how’s of fermentation to build confidence in fermenting vegetables? This 42-page manual will explain the science behind successful self-brining and brine-pickling fermentation. You’ll gain the knowledge you need to create your own fermented vegetables rather than being limited to a few recipes.  Learn why fermented pickles are not the same, in any way, as canned pickles. Use this beautifully styled and photographed manual as a companion to your entrance into fermentation.


Table of Contents

Food preservation at home p. 3
In a pickle about pickles p. 7
Health benefits created inside the jar p. 8
Health benefits created inside the gut p.10
Hurdles to exclude spoilage microbes p. 12
The four hurdles explained p.13
Anaerobic fermentation vessels p. 14

Choosing vegetables p. 17
Choosing salt p.18
Basic techniques at a glance p. 20
Self-brining How-tos p. 21
Sauerkraut from start to finish p. 22
Common issues with kraut p. 25
Brine-pickling How-tos and Recipes p. 29
Fermented vegetable drinks p. 36
Tips for beet kvass p. 39


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Dimensions: 8 1/2″ X 11″
Pages: 42 pages


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