Veggie Bundle

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The Veggie Bundle is the largest bundle offered for those fermentation enthusiasts that can never have enough ferments ready to eat and in storage for later. The package contains:

2 – 1.5 litre Airlock Fermenter
2 – 2 litre Airlock Fermenter
2 – 3 litre Airlock Fermenter

Bonus ($17.75 value): 1 lbs. Redmond Real Salt, 1 extra plug, 1 extra large airlock, and 3 mini airlocks.

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In total, the Veggie Bundle contains:

6 X Jars:  2 X 1.5 L Jar (54.75 oz), 2 X 2 L Jar (72 oz), 2X 3 L Jar (102.75 oz)
7 X 3-piece airlocks (one for each jar system + 1 bonus)
6 X glass weights (one for each jar system)
3 X mini airlocks (bonus)
7 X plugs (one for each jar system + 1 bonus)
6 X rubber gaskets
1 X 1 lbs. Redmond Sea Salt (replaces individual packets)

Hand wash the plug, rubber gasket, airlocks, and jar lid. All other components are dishwasher safe. Do not use soap on rubber gasket and store loose in jar.

Additional information

Weight 9.112 kg
Dimensions 46.62 × 31.28 × 26.2 cm


1.5 L Airlock Fermenter (54.75 oz)
4 1/4″ X 4 1/4″ X 8 3/4″ (l x w x h)
Total height with 3-piece airlock is 13″ (33.0 cm)

2 L Airlock Fermenter (72 oz)
5″ X 5″ X 8 1/2″ (l x w x h)
Total height with 3-piece airlock is 12 3/4″ (32.4 cm)

3 L Airlock Fermenter (102.75 oz)
5 1/2″ X  5 1/2″ X 9 1/2″ (l x w x h)
Total height with 3-piece airlock is 13 3/4″ (34.9 cm

Component Details

Jar: Bormioli Rocco Fido jar lead-free, cadmium free, tempered clear glass, made in Italy

Gasket: vulcanized, food grade rubber, BPA-free, made in Italy by Bormioli Rocco. Hand wash with warm water, no soap.

Grommet: FDA-NSF-61 food grade silicone, made in the USA

2-Piece Mini Airlock:  high density polyethylene, made in the UK

3-Piece Airlock: 3-Piece Airlock: crystal styrene for cylindrical body and low density polypropylene for cap, made in Canada.

Plug: FDA grade silicone tapered plug, made in China

Salt: ancient fine-grain (table salt) Redmond Real Salt (unrefined sea salt), no additives, harvested from central Utah, USA.

Glass weight: lead-free, clear soda-lime glass disc handmade locally, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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